The concept of wishlist as defined by Wikipedia, Holy Bible of Internet Researchers; “A list of desired items created by people and then distribute copies of this list to family and friends that are likely to purchase gifts for him or her.”

But in my case it’s bit different. My wishlist is the list of the items I want to buy and the things I want to do but not able to achieve because of finance, time and other constraints.

So here is the list in descending order of preference

  • Want to buy iPhone 4 and Sony PSP.  I love gadgets…
    I got PSP 3004; and Digital Photo Frame isn’t worth so dropped from the list.
  • Want to set up office in my room with proper workstation fully wired connection for laptop, desktop with dual screen including 32″ LCD,  whiteboard,  soft-board and all my geeky stuff.
  • Want to travel all over India and see Wildlife sanctuaries, Quiet Getaway, Jungles, Beaches and other places where I can get peace of mind with little adventure. Some places on the list are Kerala, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Corbett, Mussoorie, Nainital, Manali and the list go on…
  • Want to take my parents for Spiritual Vacation to all temples/Dhams in India
  • Want to be Entrepreneur and start my own venture where I manage the things in my way

For the time, my wishlist ends here but for sure will add things in near future.